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Sophiem Beauty and Massage 

Golden Luxury Waxing

Sensitive Wax

is an innovative way to remove hair, a luxurious treatment with total skin care.

Golden sensitive wax for luxurious depilation procedure. The wax contains oil which protects the skin during the hair removal, leaving it silky and well-groomed after the procedure. The wax doesn’t leave any stickiness on the skin. Thick and pre shaved hairs are efficiently and painlessly removed from any body area.

Does not contain components that can cause allergies or irritation, being perfectly suitable for sensitive skin.

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Nirvana SPA Waxing

Aromatic SPA waxing with oil 

Nirvana Lavender / Sandalwood

is an innovative way to remove hair, a luxurious treatment with total skin care.

Pre Treatment Nirvana Light natural oil, formulated with ingredients, gently prepares the skin for the waxing procedure. Due to the finest natural oils, it has antiseptic, healing and relaxing properties turning waxing into an exquisite SPA treatment.

The Film Wax Nirvana works in synergy with the pre-waxing oil to specifically remove hair from delicate areas and can be also use full body. Effectively removes short pre-shaved hairs while the pre waxing oil protects and moisturises skin during the procedure creating a relaxing effect.

Massage candle “Nirvana” is made of solid natural oil. When heated, the candle gradually melts and turns into a warm liquid oil with a calming effect on the skin. After the hair removal, the melted oil is applied to the skin with light massage movements. The oil silky texture gently coats the skin, being absorbed quickly. It perfectly restores skin, leaving it pleasantly nourished., the skin will appear exceptional smooth and well-groomed. 

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